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2024 May 16Automatic directory synchronization between two nodes
2023 Dec 18Protocol of installation HashiCorp Vault in HA mode
2023 Aug 21Using autofs to mount ISO images
2023 Feb 28Systemd socket unit
2023 Feb 22Build NAS for Small Buisiness Office
2023 Jan 14Authenticate Apache HTTPD with KeyCloak
2023 Jan 04Install standalone Keycloak server
2022 Dec 21NetBox installation on Suse 15
2022 Aug 22Make cache be on ramdisk in linux
2022 Jun 04Cheat for iptables / nftables / firewalld
2022 May 13Setup SUSE RMT + PXE server on Power
2022 Feb 20Diskless Red Hat 8.5
2022 Feb 08HOWTO convert to/from striped LV (SUSE 15 / Red Hat 8)
2022 Jan 29Diskless SUSE
2021 Sep 29Backup SAP HANA2 using storage snapshot
2021 Aug 05Rancher's Harvester deployment
2021 Jan 14HOWTO NFSv4 on linux
2020 Dec 16NFS Ganesha HA resource
2020 Oct 05LVM2 recipes
2020 Sep 01Backup and restore SAP HANA2 using scripts
2020 Aug 23The GRUB2 Boot Saga
2020 Jul 24Upgrading SUSE with revert based on LVM snapshot
2020 May 24HA cluster for SAP HANA2 on SUSE 15 SP1 (POWER architecture)
2020 Mar 07Red Hat OpenShift bare metal installation protocol
2020 Feb 17Network installation of RHEL 7 (big-endian) on POWER LPAR
2020 Jan 27Booting LibreELEC on Raspberry Pi4 using PXE network boot
2019 May 23Backup HANA DB using storage snapshot
2019 Apr 14fstrim, discard and storages
2019 Feb 08Bare Metal Restore (BMR) using bareos file level backup
2019 Jan 12Implementing Autochanger for bareos FileStorage
2018 Nov 19Network installation of SuSE 15 on POWER
2018 Sep 14Restore VmWare VM by bareos
2018 Jul 24Upload huge files to AWS S3
2018 Apr 13OpenVPN +NAT +MFA
2018 Mar 07Backup and restore SAP HANA using scripts
2018 Jan 29Full disk encryption on Fedora 26
2017 Dec 19Setting SAP HANA System Replication on SuSE SLE11 SP4
2017 Nov 21Disaster Recovery using bareos
2017 Nov 19SLE12SP2 Migrate root from BTRFS to EXT3 (POWER ppc64le)
2017 Nov 09Shrinking root LV on-line
2017 Oct 17Automount CIFS on SLE11SP4
2017 Oct 11Building GFS2 cluster on RedHat (6.9)
2017 Sep 23Stretch (active-active) NFS cluster with DRBD, GFS2
2017 Sep 03OpenVPN server on Fedora 25 in bridge mode
2017 Aug 25SSH, MOSH backdoor access to your server
2017 Aug 22Making your own CA using openssl
2017 Aug 10KVM recepies
2017 Jun 27ZFS recepies
2017 Jun 19Redundant disks without MDRAID
2017 May 20Securing boot with grub2
2017 May 19Encrypted /home on Fedora 25
2017 Apr 30GPFS recipes
2017 Apr 18Implementing batch queue in Linux using CUPS
2017 Apr 12Linux network using CLI
2017 Mar 12Mirroring system disk (on RedHat 7.2 example)
2017 Feb 24Disabling mail "Error during registration" on SuSE
2017 Feb 17Cloning Logical Volume using LVM
2017 Jan 22Building HA solution for Jenkins service
2017 Jan 10Tuning ESXi (6.0) logging
2016 Dec 13Configure Zabbix to monitor VmWare ESXi
2016 Dec 06Инструкция по использованию камеры U838
2016 Nov 08Fencing (STONITH) on SuSE 12 cluster over iLO4
2016 Aug 09Comparing values in shell scripts.
2016 Aug 07Installation of IBM Spectrum Control on Linux in single-server mode
2016 Jun 08Passthrough USB to VM using UDEV
2016 Mar 13Network installation of SuSE on POWER LPAR
2016 Feb 23Force Firefox accept SSL certificate
2016 Jan 26Upgrading Fedora (21 -> 22)
2015 Aug 12Installation of IBM Tivoli Monitoring v6.3
2015 Jul 20HOWTO convert to/from striped LV
2015 Mar 29Fusion-IO mezzonine UCS cards on RedHat 6 Linux
2015 Mar 25Shared (clustered) fs (GFS2) on RedHat6 cluster
2015 Jan 22Recovery NEATO XV robots from hung
2014 Dec 31RedHat 6 (metro) HA cluster; LVM way + MD way
2014 Dec 11Building active-active RedHat 6 Cluster with GFS2 over DRBD
2014 May 15Adding many users to /etc/group
2014 Mar 31Authenticate Linux within AD using sssd
2014 Dec 14Building RedHat 6 Cluster with DRBD
2014 Mar 26Updating TZ data for unsupported distributions
2014 Mar 09Mapping DM device to name
2013 Dec 23Linux backup
2013 Dec 04Booting Fedora Core 19, GRUB2, dracut and systemd
2013 Dec 03Permanent Oracle ASM raw access permissions to LVM volumes
2013 Nov 10Reparing expired RHN certificate
2013 Oct 28Restricting hpsmhd binding to localhost
2013 Sep 29איפה גפ"מ?
2013 Sep 29Distributed android development environment
2013 Apr 10Securing BIND9
2013 Sep 23Fencing DNS attack with bind9, syslog-ng and iptables
2013 Sep 08Boot from SAN RedHat 5
2013 Aug 29NetApp LUN serial to WWID converter
2013 Jun 06Building HTPC; Fedora 18 + XBMC 12 on AT3N7A-I
2013 May 29AIX NIM HOWTO
2013 Mar 29Building HTPC
2013 Feb 28RedHat 6 root on read-only NFS
2013 Jan 02Recovery Samsung S from corrupted internal flash memory
2012 Dec 04RedHat 5 VLANs and bonding
2012 Sep 02Building RedHat 6 HA Cluster
2012 Sep 13Restricting SSH access to specific commands
2012 Sep 02Mounting iSCSI LUN on RedHat 6
2012 Aug 22Mount NetApp volumes on Linux over NFSv4
2012 Jun 28HOWTO align VMware Linux VMDK files
2012 Mar 13HOWTO LUNs on Linux using native tools
2012 Apr 04Fusion IO cards on RedHat 5 experience.
2012 Apr 10MPE HP3000 HOWTO save SYSGEN output to file instead of printing
2012 Apr 04MPE HP3000 HOWTO add disk
2009 Oct 15HOWTO make NFS-root without kernel compilation